Concrete foam type A

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Concrete foam type A


This product, by producing a lot of water in the environment of water and cement, brings about the expansion of the cement mortar volume .this foam has particular properties that are useful in sloping.


·        It could be used simultaneously with water reducer resin in compatible with foam chemical structure to increase the resistance.

·        Environmentally friendly and having no pollutants (no effect on the people who work with it)

·        Adhesive to cement and chalk so that any kind of material is doable on concrete foam cover.

·        Excellent properties of insulation against heat cold, and noise

·        Excellent resistance against fire

·        It can be easily cut by simple devices


0.5 to 0.7 kg in each cubic meter. The dosage of w/c is specified with respect to workshop tests.


Appearance: liquid

Color: colorless

No chlorine ion

Density: 1.03 ± 0.02


Shelf time:

Keep in original container for 6 months


Packaging and maintenance:

Keep in 21 kg gallons and 220 kg barrels in a covered area out of sunlight and freezing conditions.


Safety points:

This material contains no toxic materials, however, in case of touching, wash your hands or body with water.