Super Silica Gel Ap200

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Thready Gel (Super Silica Gel Ap200)



Super silica gel AP200 is a composite of super plasticizer + micro silica + poly propylene thread which can reduce w/c and increase the concrete efficiency (due to its super plasticizer content) it reinforces the concrete (due to its thread content) and increases its particular resistance. This gel is used in high resistant concretes, sealing concretes, and those concretes which are prone to friction, hitting, and dynamic loads. The concrete made of thread gels keep their form and shape after detachment and do not decompose.


Reducing the number of cracks and preventing hair cracks

Reducing shrinkage and reducing plastic cracks

Increasing concrete pressure, bending, shear, and tension resistance

Reinforcing concrete against corrosive agents and environmental pollutions

Increasing concrete resistance against blows and dynamic loads

Better control of concrete mixture and avoiding its water gain.

Preserving the form after detachment and reducing the risk of decomposition

Appropriate for thin concrete section


The exact dosage is specified with regard to building materials, the mix design requirements and concreting conditions which are determined by laboratory tests. However, a dosage between 3 to 6 % of the cement weight is recommended to make sure of the sufficient amount of micro silica and thread in the concrete.

 How to Use

Add the calculated amount of Super Silica Gel AP200 to the mixer, while the concrete is being made and let the mixing process continue for 2 or 3 minutes so that we make sure of the dispersion and of the thread inside the concrete. Ap200 could be added to ready-mixed concrete in truck mixer but it should be noticed that the concrete should not be highly consistent before adding the gel as this gel leads to the slump increase and concrete workability .Also, let the truck mixer have 20 turns a minute for 4 or 5 minutes so that the threads disperse homogenously in the concrete.


Color: gray jelly

No chlorine ion

Density: 1.2 ± 0.2

Shelf time: 6 months in its original package

Freezing point: around zero degree of Celsius

Packaging and Maintenance:

Keep in 12.5 kg buckets. You can change the packaging if need arises. It must be kept in sealed containers in roofed warehouses out of direct sunlight and freezing conditions.


Safety points:


Super silica Gel AP200 contains no toxic or flammable materials, however, if you touch it wash your hands or other parts of the body with water.