Super Plast MF2900

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 Concrete super plasticizer accelerator and premium water reducer (Super plast MF 2900)

This is a melamine-formaldehyde based product. It is approved by Iran standard and industrial researches institute and by Europe EN-934-2. This valuable product not only brings about appropriate fluidity and workability but also leads to fairly complete dispersion of cement in the concrete. Further, it can make the concrete impermeable to some extent and help us in efficient use of cement. Superplast MF2900 can reduce the water content by up to 25% with constant slump and workability. Superplast MF 2900 is supplied in powder which should be changed to liquid before consumption. This super plasticizer results in quick cement setting and is appropriate for moderate and cold areas and is suitable for those places which need quick detachment of the mold and for making pre-cast components



Homogenous cement due to the dispersion and even diffusiveness of cement* Impermeable, compressed and durable concrete

As it is colorless; it is appropriate for color concrete and white cement

preventing the formation of cracks in thin surfaces

Good adaptability with micro-silica and fly ash

No segregation of granules in high slumps

Compatible with all kinds of Portland and anti-sulfate cements

Cement hydration accelerant and gaining resistance in the early ages of the concrete

Suitable for moderate and cold areas

Due to its acceleration it is appropriate for precast elements



The dosage of each Superplast MF 2900 is specified with regard to building materials, the mix design requirements and concreting conditions which are determined by laboratory tests. However, a dosage between 0.5 to 2 % of the cement weight is recommended

In a concrete which contains micro silica you can increase the dosage by up to 2.5 percent


How to use

If you use powder Superplast MF 2900, first mix it gently with the 70(water) to 30 (powder) w/c ratio of 70 to 30 to obtain a homogenous liquid. Then, in laboratory conditions, dissolve the specified amount of Superplast MF 2900 in the whole water of the mix design and pour it into the concrete which is being made and allow the mixing to continue for 2 or 3 minutes.

In WORKSHOP conditions: add the specified amount of Superplast MF 2900 to the water which is being poured into the concrete. If the concrete is ready-made add the Superplast MF 2900 from the terminal opening of the mixer and allow the mixing process continue for loot urns

As Superplast MF 2900 does all its chemical reactions in water, avoid pouring it on dry materials




Appearance: liquid

No chlorine ion

PH: 10.5 ± .5

Density: 1.17 ± 0.02


Shelf life

keep in appropriate conditions for 1 year

Freezing Point: near 0 degree of Celsius. In case of freezing, you can recycle it by heating


Packaging and Maintenance

 Keep in 25 – kg gallons and 250-kg barrels. The tank of Superplast MF 2900 must be kept in sealed containers in a covered area out of direct sunlight


Safety points

Superplast MF2900 contains no toxic or flammable materials, however, if you touch it, wash your hands or other parts of the body with water



In compliance with ASTMC 494 standard, European EN-934-2 standard, and Iran 2930 standard.In compliance with ASTMC 494 standard, European EN-934-2 standard, and Iran 2930 standard